Cruises with Bateaux Toulousains

Date: Wednesday 16 oct 2019 - Sunday 27 Oct 2019

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    Sunday 29 Sep 2019

    "Tour en bateau assez intéressant, du fait des petites anecdotes distillées tout au long de la promenade. De même, le point de vue sur la ville est très sympathique."


3   Average  Reviewed Wednesday 2 Oct 2019

ce n est pas une promenade sur la garonne comme annoncé.

la reduction de prix sur le tarif propose pour la reservation par internet ou pour une famille n est pas clairement visible à la reservation.

je regrette de ne pas en avoir profité.

jai eu des difficultés pour le règlement sur le site

3  Overall opinion


"Sans surprise "

3   Average  Reviewed Monday 30 Sep 2019

Finalement la balade suit les berges accessibles à pieds

3  Overall opinion


5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Sunday 29 Sep 2019

Tour en bateau assez intéressant, du fait des petites anecdotes distillées tout au long de la promenade. De même, le point de vue sur la ville est très sympathique.

5  Overall opinion


"Good, but..."

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Monday 23 Sep 2019

It was a nice trip, however there was no oral explanation in English and even an audioguide could have done good to us. The brochure that was distributed was in English but it was hard to follow where we actually were with the boat. Also, spending more time on Garrone instead of the Canal du Midi could have been better. And a more thorough explanation of the history of the city at the beginning.

Otherwise it was a nice experience.

4  Overall opinion


0   Terrible, recommended  Reviewed Tuesday 10 Sep 2019


je serais heureuse de pouvoir vous répondre mais ma réservation a été annulée de votre part suite a une

manifestation sur la Garonne.

Les visites de l'apres midi ne me convenais pas car j 'avais autre visite de prévue.

J espère être remboursée car ce n 'est pas moi qui ai annulé.

Lors d'une prochaine visite Toulouse je compte me réinscrire pour cette balade.

bien a vous et merci

United Kingdom

"Lovely boat trip down the canal Brienne and back to the pick up on the River Garonne"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Sunday 8 Sep 2019

We had struggled to find a tour as we were visiting in September. This was a lovely boat tour which we booked through the local tourist office. The pick up is on th emain side of the Daurade by the green. The boat has a glass covered inside as well as outside seating on picnic chairs. The trip wasn't full so luckily there was space but I can imagine it could get very snug with the chairs moving around in the height of season.

There is a spoken part of the tour but it is only in French, howeerv we were given an English guide when we boarded whic was very comprehensive. Possibly it might be good to number the points so if you didn't know the area you would know what they were specifically referring to in the talk.

we thought it was going along the Garonne but after a short way it went through the lock onto the Canal, very picturesque with the low hanging trees. It dows a half turn at the end and returns toe way it came.

The trip took around an hour and was good value for money

4  Overall opinion


5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Thursday 5 Sep 2019

J'ai beaucoup aimé cette visite sur la Garonne et le canal de Brienne, ai si que les commentaires.

A refaire .

5  Overall opinion


"Toulouse autrement"

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Sunday 25 Aug 2019

Visite de Toulouse au fil de l eau. Tres agréable. Histoire des principaux monuments en prime.

Privilégier les les places à l avant pour les amateurs de photos. Prévoir casquette ou chapeau si vous voyagez sur le pont Supérieur.

5  Overall opinion

United Kingdom

"Tranquil and pleasurable "

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Saturday 24 Aug 2019

The boat was a lovely way to travel in the city as it was very tranquil interesting booklet for non French speakers which very well written. The Nice weather helped to see things well very pleasurable

5  Overall opinion


"Garonne en légère crue"

3   Average, recommended  Reviewed Thursday 22 Aug 2019

Prestation annulée. Demande de remboursement à l'office de tourisme. En cours

3  Overall opinion