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Address: Rue Ampère, ZI des Poumadères, 32600 L'ISLE JOURDAIN Date: Sunday 21 apr 2019 - Tuesday 31 Dec 2019

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  • "Friendly experience."

    Wednesday 27 Mar 2019

    "Beautiful city and France's people friendly towards tourists."

United States

"Friendly experience."

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Wednesday 27 Mar 2019

Beautiful city and France's people friendly towards tourists.

5  Overall opinion

GEUTEN Jean-Pierre

"Adapté et très documenté"

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Sunday 24 Mar 2019

Itinéraire excellent (et pas évident avec trafic !) - Guide très compétent - Vocabulaire, ton, absolument adapté au public.

Excellent pour personnes à difficultés de déplacement.

5  Overall opinion

Victor 70

"Pour un survol rapide"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Friday 8 Mar 2019

Le tour en minibus permet de repérer les monuments et de disposer de quelques informations (commentaire) de base. C'est agréable et utile pour ensuite organiser ses propres circuits.

4  Overall opinion

United Kingdom

"hop on / off bus"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Friday 22 Feb 2019

worth doing unfortunately it is not possible to hop on and off during February (why),however enjoyed the 1. 1/2 hrtour

4  Overall opinion


"Casi una estafa"

1   Terrible  Reviewed Monday 12 Nov 2018

No había clara señalización de la parada del bus. Estuve mucho tiempo dando vueltas por la zona. Pregunté a unos policías que me informaron que no lo conocían. Los lugareños tampoco lo conocían, salvo uno que dijo haber visto un bus descapotado pero en temporada veraniega.

Un verdadero fiasco. Pagué por una excursión que no pude realizar.

Jamás recomendaría esta empresa a mis amistades.

1  Overall opinion

United Kingdom

3   Average  Reviewed Saturday 20 Oct 2018

This was a hop on hop off bus trip, but with no chance to hop off. The bus only stopped for red traffic lights. We had thought it would be nice to get off on the other side of the river and explore then get the next bus on the route. But we were unable to do this, and after the hour trip were back where we started. Not the day exploring Toulouse that we were expecting

3  Overall opinion

United Kingdom

"Good way to start your visit"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Tuesday 9 Oct 2018

I always recommend people do a brief sightseeing tour of a city before planning longer trips to the landmarks highlighted.

Good commentary, trip a bit short (80mins). Unfortunately the weather was against me on the day I did the tour so the bus roof was closed, meaning getting photographs without reflection was largely impossible.

4  Overall opinion

United Kingdom

"Worth a go"

4   Very good, recommended  Reviewed Wednesday 26 Sep 2018

Whilst the tour isn't as exciting or as special as some you will do in European cities, it was worth the time and the price of the tickets as it gives you a good feel for Toulouse.

4  Overall opinion


"Visite de la cité de l espace "

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Sunday 9 Sep 2018

A faire absolument. Lieu très ludique et d où l'on part en ayant appris pleins de choses

5  Overall opinion

Patrick delcroix

"Ballade a Toulouse"

5   Excellent, recommended  Reviewed Monday 3 Sep 2018

Très bel endroit a visiter, Chauffeur'se' très sympa et circuit intéressant.

5  Overall opinion