Flight simulator

Address: 130 rue du Riou, 31700 BEAUZELLE

Address: 130 rue du Riou, 31700 BEAUZELLE

Have you ever dreamed of taking command of an aircraft just like a real pilot? AviaSim lets you make this dream come true.

The AviaSim Centre in Toulouse is the perfect place to enjoy a flight simulator experience aboard the cockpit of a realistic Airbus A320. The site is located in Beauzelle, in front of the Airbus factory and the Aeroscopia museum.

Our company provides a range of unique leisure experiences to the general public. With family, with friends or flying solo, we have already taken off with thousands of amateurs and professionals since we started out in Lyon. If you love new sensations, it is time to experience the thrill of piloting an aircraft and knowing what it really feels like to fly.

Our packages will let you take command of an Airbus A320 under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Thrill seekers, novices, experienced pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts will love our offers that are specially designed to make sure that you have fun.
AviaSim lets you enjoy a unique experience. Take command of one of the world’s most high-performance aircraft!

Depending on the package you select, you can fly by day or by night and choose from a range of weather conditions. The simulators faithfully reproduce the equipment found in the cockpit of a real Airbus A320. The visuals on a 180° high definition screen and a speaker system that reproduces the noises of the engines and the aircraft will let you feel what it is like to really fly. Ultimate sensations are guaranteed!

3 packages are available:
- The Discovery package: flight time of 40 min + 20 min briefing and debriefing / €99
- The Duo package: flight time of 50 min + 20 min briefing and debriefing / €159
- The Sensation package: flight time of 70 min + 20 min briefing and debriefing / €179

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